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The power of wow!

What is more cool than showing what you have to offer? If you have a website made you can of course 'traditional' with text and photos and here and there a slideshow. But suppose you have a catering location, event location or holiday home. Then you can receive the visitor directly in a digital version of your business and let them look around. You can!

The possibilities

WWe make creative and functional 360 degree website / virtual tours. Sometimes with the aim of conveying information, such as Van der Valk Hotels so that the potential visitor can already view the rooms online and sometimes simply to show something as for Basischool De Rietakker. The idea was mainly to serve the target group 'new children'. Parents can then get a taste of the school online and send in a request for a real tour. View our demo for the possibilities

Modular product

The beauty of this product is that it always creates a wow effect with the viewer and it is a modular product. We can make a virtual tour, but it can also be completely interactive with menus and popups. It can have a CMS, it can take photos and videos. Even the image could be shot in 360 degree video.

  • + Interactive tour and walk
  • + Popups / hotspots with information
  • + VR
  • + Audio
  • + Video
  • + Everything you can do on the internet
  • + Can be online or offline
  • + Works on all devices